A study in intersections of polyhedra and interactions of light.
An experiment in on-chain participatory art.
? of 1024 minted
While scrolling, the image may appear grainy and blurry due to incomplete rendering. This is necessary to keep the renderer running as smoothly as possible for the best experience.
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There are many ways to look at Facets.
From above, we may see a perfectly symmetrical figure.
From below, we may see a grand constructivist sculpture.
Zooming in, we see a geometric composition of polygons and gradients.
Zooming out, we see the entirety of the form sitting in an endless void.
We can permutate the shapes and see them shift and fold in on themselves.
We can pause the permutation and see a new form emerge.
I invite you to reframe the composition and find a new perspective. You can act as a photographer and use the Render tool as your camera.

Coming Soon: Multifacets

Combine your tokens and mint an animated piece that transforms into each variation. In order to combine, your tokens must have the same symmetry order, mirror symmetry, entity count, and primitive (this constitutes a geometry class). Multifacets will be burned when combined. Facets will not be burned, but they can only be combined once. Use the Explore tool (when available) to check geometry classes and what Facets have not yet been combined.